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Vídeos oficiales de la CCC

Vídeos oficiales de la CCC: "


Ya están disponibles todos los vídeos de la Chaos Communication Congress en la web oficial. O si lo prefieres puedes verlos en youtube.

Os copio la tabla de contenido:

VID Title H.264 MP3 OGG
3952Running your own GSM stack on a phonemp4mp3ogg
3957Recent advances in IPv6 insecuritiesmp4mp3ogg
3983Hackers and Computer Sciencemp4mp3ogg
4003Cybernetics for the Massesmp4mp3ogg
4006DIY synthesizers and sound generatorsmp4--
4011JTAG/Serial/FLASH/PCB Embedded Reverse Engineering Tools and Techniquesmp4--
4017Desktop on the Linux… (and BSD, of course)mp4--
4036Reverse Engineering a real-world RFID payment systemmp4--
4055Terrorists Win – Exploiting Telecommunications Data Retention?mp4--
4057Adventures in Mapping Afghanistan Electionsmp4--
4061Building Custom Disassemblersmp4mp3ogg
4067Data Analysis in Terabit Ethernet Trafficmp4mp3ogg
4070Fnord-Jahresrückblick 2010mp4mp3ogg
4073Logikschaltungen ohne Elektronikmp4mp3ogg
4081Netzmedienrecht, Lobbyismus und Korruptionmp4--
4082Rootkits and Trojans on Your SAP Landscapemp4--
4084Ignorance and Peace Narratives in Cyberspacemp4--
4085Digitale Spaltung per Gesetzmp4mp3ogg
4087Console Hacking 2010mp4--
4089Ich sehe nicht, dass wir nicht zustimmen werdenmp4mp3ogg
4090The Baseband Apocalypsemp4--
4094Netzneutralität und QoS – ein Widerspruch?mp4mp3ogg
4096Code deobfuscation by optimizationmp4--
4097Techniken zur Identifizierung von Netzwerk-Protokollenmp4--
4098Tor is Peace, Software Freedom is Slavery, Wikipedia is Truthmp4mp3ogg
4099File -> Print -> Electronicsmp4--
4103Copyright Enforcement Vs. Freedomsmp4mp3ogg
4111Eins, zwei, drei – alle sind dabeimp4--
4114Analyzing a modern cryptographic RFID systemmp4mp3ogg
4121Is the SSLiverse a safe place?mp4--
4123Defense is not deadmp4--
4124Three jobs that journalists will do in 2050mp4mp3ogg
4125Spinning the electronic Wheelmp4--
4138Secure communications below the hearing thresholdmp4--
4140Contemporary Profiling of Web Usersmp4mp3ogg
4141Hacker Jeopardymp4--
4142Node.js as a networking toolmp4mp3ogg
4143Part-Time Scientistsmp4--
4144A short political history of acousticsmp4--
4145“Spoilers, Reverse Green, DECEL!” or “What’s it doing now?”mp4mp3ogg
4149I Control Your Codemp4--
4151Android geolocation using GSM networkmp4--
4159Reverse Engineering the MOS 6502 CPUmp4--
4160Automatic Identification of Cryptographic Primitives in Softwaremp4mp3ogg
4164Friede sei mit Euren Datenmp4mp3ogg
4168A framework for automated architecture-independent gadget searchmp4mp3ogg
4174The Hidden Nemesismp4--
4175From robot to robotmp4mp3ogg
4176Hacking iButtonsmp4mp3ogg
4181SIP home gateways under firemp4--
4183Safety on the Open Seamp4--
4184Stanislaw Lem – Der enttäuschte Weltverbesserermp4mp3ogg
4187Your Infrastructure Will Kill Yoump4--
4190Data Retention in the EU five years after the Directivemp4mp3ogg
4193Having fun with RTPmp4mp3ogg
4195Literarischer Abendmp4--
4201“The Concert”mp4mp3ogg
4203Distributed FPGA Number Crunching For The Massesmp4--
4206IMMI, from concept to realitymp4--
4208Wideband GSM Sniffingmp4--
4209Zero-sized heap allocations vulnerability analysismp4mp3ogg
4210Lying To The Neighboursmp4mp3ogg
4211Chip and PIN is Brokenmp4mp3ogg
4221OMG WTF PDFmp4mp3ogg
4230Security Nightmaresmp4mp3ogg
4231Data Recovery Techniquesmp4mp3ogg
4234USB and libusbmp4mp3ogg
4236International Cyber Jurisdictionmp4mp3ogg
4237INDECT – an EU-Surveillance Projectmp4mp3ogg
4239Lightning Talks – Day 3mp4mp3ogg
4244A Critical Overview of 10 years of Privacy Enhancing Technologiesmp4mp3ogg
4245Adventures in analyzing Stuxnetmp4mp3ogg
4252Von Zensursula über Censilia hin zum Kindernetmp4mp3ogg
4253Pentanews Game Showmp4mp3ogg
4261News Key Recovery Attacks on RC4/WEPmp4mp3ogg
4263The importance of resisting Excessive Government Surveillancemp4mp3ogg
4265hacking smart phonesmp4mp3ogg
4276Cognitive Psychology for Hackersmp4mp3ogg
4295High-speed high-security cryptography: encrypting and authenticating the whole Internetmp4mp3ogg
4296Lightning Talks – Day 2mp4mp3ogg
4297“Die gesamte Technik ist sicher”mp4mp3ogg
4298CCC-Jahresrückblick 2010mp4mp3ogg
4300Lightning Talks – Day 4mp4mp3ogg
4301How the Internet sees yoump4mp3ogg
430227C3 Keynotemp4mp3ogg
4326Radio der Zukunftmp4mp3ogg
4333Hacker Jeopardy (english translation)mp4mp3ogg
4334Fnord-Jahresrückblick 2010 (english translation)mp4mp3ogg
4338Wikileaks und mehrmp4mp3ogg

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